Control and automation unit “DoeControl”


DoeControl is a simple and intuitive programming control and automation unit for testing and experimental setups in laboratories. Extensive experimental setups with test leads can quickly be complex and confusingly. DoeControl enables you to extend the range of functions of your circuit and keeps your test setup assessable.

The basis is a menu-controlled logic module. The picture shows a logic module from Siemens company. However, DoeControl can also be delivered with logic modules from other companies like Eaton. Furthermore versions with PLC-control (e.g. S7-200) and HMI operator display (Touchpanel from IDEC company) are also available. The number of digital inputs and outputs can also be coordinated. Also analogue inputs are possible.

Due to the extensive wiring of the logic modules by DoeControl itself the digital inputs can be triggered in a wide range between 30V and 250V ac/dc. In addition an input triggering is also possible by incorporated switch and button actuation. The individual inputs are electrically isolated. Due to this fact the logic module is well protected.

The digital outputs can be carried out with electromechanical relais, electronic switch and optionally with emitter diodes for fiber-optic.

The connection for inputs and outputs will be done with the help of an external box.

(Example external box)

In this way it is possible to wire different setups. DoeControl will be connected with the external box by plug contacts and can easy be changed between several test setups.
Due to this DoeControl is also be suited for training.


For power applications DoeControl can also be used in combination with our switchgear-family like Doe316/4p or IGBT400A.

The figure below shows an example for the combination of DoeControl with various switchgears.

Anwendungsbeispiel Logo_IGBT