Switchgear „Doe316/3p“

3 pole switchgear for voltage systems up to 400/690V~ and nominal current 150A

Doe316_3p_Front_jiw                   Doe316_3p_Rueckseite_jiw
Front view                                                                                     back view

The switchgear „Doe316/3p“ is basically an electromechanical conductor where the conducts are carried out. However, the special characteristic is the activation of the equipment itself.
For various testing applications it is required that the activation time is shared during the whole periode. Unfortunately this is not possible with AC operated conducters due to the lack of power during zero crossing.

Example of activating points for AC operated conducters:
Switching frequency assigned to the phase angle

A solution is only possible with a DC operated conducter, but this could cause more efforts regarding the test setup.

“Doe316/3p“ will solve the mentioned problem in an easy way. The test equipment will be supplied with 230V AC which will be rectified to a DC voltage.


  • Integrated button
  • Potential free contact on BNC-socket
  • Bus-system “DoeControl” (optional)

Information bus-system „DoeControl“:

Optionally “Doe316/3p” can be triggered with the bus-system of the Control- and automation unit “DoeControl”. The outputs are connected through by “Doe316/3p”. With a switch the respectively output can be choosen for triggering.

Bus system Info EN_jiw
More information DoeControl

Schematic diagram of “Doe316/3p”:

Prinzipschaltbild Doe316_3p

Auxiliary contacts:

In addition „Doe316/3p“ can be equipped with 4 auxiliary contacts (e.g. 2 N/O contact, 2 N/C contacts).

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